Question: When I try to update Comet Cache Pro, I am forwarded to a page that says "No Such Page Found" or "Permission Denied". Comet Cache Pro will not update from automatic Plugin Updater. The only way I'm able to update is to download the update, remove the old plugin, and re-install. What is the problem with the Plugin Updater?

Answer: If you're getting a 404 or 403 error when attempting to run the Comet Cache Pro Updater, you most likely have software on your server blocking the request to the Comet Cache update server. The most common culprit is Apache's ModSecurity module.

Please contact your web host with the following request, which should disable the particular ModSecurity rule that often causes issues with the Comet Cache Pro Updater:

"I run a WordPress plugin called Comet Cache Pro and its updater requires that ModSecurity rule #340163 be whitelisted/disabled for my domain. Can you please whitelist/disable ModSecurity rule #340163?"

You can also ask your web hosting company to check the server logs to find out exactly why the requests to and are being denied.