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Note: If you haven't yet read Branched Cache Structure, please read that before reading this article. Understanding how the Branched Cache Structure works is a prerequisite to understanding how Logged-In User Caching works.

If you have Dashboard → Comet Cache → Plugin Options → Logged-In Users set to Yes (maintain separate cache), then Comet Cache will maintain a separate cache file for each logged in user. This is what we refer to as Logged-In User Caching.

How does it work?

Let's say we have a user with User ID 42 who logs in views a post called "Sample Post", which has the following permalink:

In this scenario, if Comet Cache doesn't find an existing cache file for this user, a new one will be generated, specifically for this user, at the following location:


You can see here that a new subdirectory (/sample-post.u/) was created by appending .u to the last part of the permalink. Inside that subdirectory, we'll have the cache file generated for each user (in this case, the cache file for our user with User ID 42 has a "Sample Post" cache file called 42.html).

The /sample-post.u/ subdirectory will contain the cache files for each logged-in user who visits that post and each user will be served their own, separate cache file.

Visitors who are not logged in will be served the sample-post.html cache file (as explained in Branched Cache Structure).