Comet Cache automatically disables the Akismet Comment Nonce using the akismet_comment_nonce filter provided by Akismet, which improves compatibility between Akismet and the page caching functionality provided by Comet Cache. This ensures that pages do not contain time-sensitive nonce values that should not be cached.

If you would like to prevent Comet Cache from disabling the Akismet comment nonce, you can use an MU-Plugin. Please note, however, that Comet Cache will never cache a page that contains a akismet_comment_nonce value, so by preventing Comet Cache from disabling the Akismet comment nonce, you may discover that many pages on your site are no longer being cached.

Create this file and directory: wp-content/mu-plugins/zc-prevent-akismet-nonce-disable.php:

Plugin Name: Prevent Comet Cache from Disabling Akismet Comment Nonce
Description: Prevents Comet Cache from automatically disabling the Akismet comment nonce
Author: WebSharks, Inc.
Version: 1.0
Author URI:

add_filter('comet_cache_disable_akismet_comment_nonce', '__return_false');