The Comet Cache Pro Static CDN Filters do not run in the shutdown phase like the caching engine does, which means that reliably disabling Static CDN Filters by setting the COMET_CACHE_ALLOWED or DONOTCACHEPAGE constants is not possible.

The Comet Cache caching engine will always obey the COMET_CACHE_ALLOWED and DONOTCACHEPAGE constants for disabling page caching, but since the Static CDN Filters are not currently mixed with the caching engine (for performance reasons), you cannot always rely on those constants to disable Static CDN Filters.

If you absolutely need to disable Static CDN Filters programmatically, you can use an MU-Plugin.

Create this file and directory: wp-content/mu-plugins/zc-disable-static-cdn-filters.php:

Plugin Name: Disable Comet Cache Static CDN Filters via PHP
Description: Disables Comet Cache Static CDN Filters via PHP
Author: WebSharks, Inc.
Version: 1.0
Author URI:

add_filter('comet_cache_options', function($options) {
    if(is_page('my-page')) {
        $options['cdn_enable'] = '0';
    return $options;