ZenCache v150821 was released on August 21st, 2015. This release includes new support for the WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin, improved support for WordPress Multisite Networks, improved bbPress compatibility, 4 general bug fixes, 6 multisite bug fixes, and 1 enhancement.

Changelog for ZenCache Pro v150821

  • Multisite Domain Mapping Compatibility: ZenCache Pro is now fully compatible with the WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin, including Multisite Networks using domain mapping on top-level domains, sub-domains, and sub-directories. Multiple variations of each site spread across an unlimited number of domain mappings and/or the original blog domain/path is also supported. All other features of ZenCache Pro, including the Auto-Cache Engine, Static CDN Filters, and HTML Compression are also now compatible with domain mapping. Props @jaswsinc. See Issue #339.
  • bbPress Compatibility: This release greatly improves compatibility with bbPress. Events like creating a new Forum, creating a new Topic, and posting a reply to a Topic (including threaded replies), now properly clear the necessary cache files to ensure that cached bbPress pages remain up-to-date. Props @jaswsinc. See Issue #168.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where, in some rare cases, wp-config.php would end up with two WP_CACHE definitions. Props @jaswsinc. See Issue #509.
  • Bug Fix: Saving a Post as a Draft was incorrectly purging XML Sitemap cache files. Props @jaswsinc. See Issue #368.
  • Bug Fix: The HTML Compressor now strips UTF-8 Byte Order Markers (BOMs) from CSS files generated by preprocessors such as Sass. Files consolidated by the HTML Compressor include an @charset rule already, making a BOM unnecessary. In fact, if BOMs are not stripped, some browsers will choke on portions of a consolidated CSS file, because a BOM could potentially appear in the middle of the file; i.e., at the wrong place. Symptoms included mysterious missing styles in portions of the site, fonts not loading at all times, or font-based icons (e.g., FontAwesome) to render mystery glyphs instead of the icons. Props @jaswsinc. See Issue #52.
  • Bug Fix: Improved HTML Compressor strict data type comparison when analyzing $_SERVER environment variables to detect an https:// connection URL. We now detect (integer)443 and (string)443. In addition, we can now pick up $_SERVER['HTTPS'] being any of 1|on|yes|true (caSe insensitive). Props @jaswsinc. See Issue #61.
  • Multisite Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where the Clear Cache button wouldn't clear Child-Site Logged-In User Home Page cache files on WordPress Multisite Networks. Props @jaswsinc. See Issue #409
  • Multisite Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where the Home Page cache was not clearing on Child Sites in a Multisite Network. Props @jaswsinc. See Issue #409
  • Multisite Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the Auto-Cache Engine would fail to auto-cache child blogs in a multisite network whenever the network was being served from a sub-directory. Props @jaswsinc. See Issue #537.
  • Multisite Bug Fix: Fixed a bug with 404 Request caching on Multisite Networks where ZenCache Pro was not considering that each child blog in a multisite network will have its own 404 error page. Props @jaswsinc. See Issue #539.
  • Multisite Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where clearing the cache from the main site of a multisite network, when there are child blogs in sub-directories, resulted in all child blogs being cleared from the cache, not just the main site as would be expected. This has been resolved and only the main site is cleared when clicking the Clear Cache button. Note that the Wipe Cache button can still be used to clear the cache for all sites in a Multisite Network. Props @jaswsinc. See Issue #540.
  • Multisite Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where Wiping the cache on a multisite network resulted in the very next page view being cached incorrectly. Props @jaswsinc. See Issue #541.
  • Enhancement: Improved compatibility with any Custom Post Type that uses hierarchies. Props @jaswsinc.

Upgrading to the Latest Version

ZenCache Pro users who have configured the Plugin Updater (Dashboard → ZenCache → Plugin Updater) should receive a notification to upgrade on the WordPress Dashboard. If you have not configured the Plugin Updater, you can download the latest version of ZenCache Pro by logging into your ZenCache.com account here. You'll find a download link for the latest version on your Account page. There's also a Release Archive if you need to access previous versions of ZenCache.

Please report bugs and feedback on GitHub. If you are a ZenCache Pro user and require priority support, please open a support ticket here.