ZenCache v150709 was released on July 9th, 2015. This release includes 1 bug fix and 1 enhancement.

Complete Changelog for ZenCache v150709

  • Bug Fix: This update reverts the codebase restructure released in the previous version (v150626). That release received several reports of Fatal Errors, however those issues only affected a small subset of ZenCache users. After extensive research, we discovered that this issue was related to a bug in PHP's APC Extension (which is commonly used on systems running PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4). The restructured codebase in the previous release utilized a newer PHP feature (Closures) and that increased the likelihood of exposing that existing PHP bug. Since we can't fix the PHP bug directly and we want to continue supporting PHP 5.3.2+ and PHP 5.4 for now, we're reverting the ZenCache Lite codebase restructure to the previous version (v150409). The new ZenCache Lite features that were included in the previous release are still available in this release--only the structure of the codebase itself has changed. To read more about the PHP APC bug, see Issue #511.
  • Enhancement: The Pro Preview feature has been enhanced to improve usability. We also updated the Static CDN Filters section of the Pro Preview to include several new Static CDN Filter features.

Upgrading to the Latest Version

If you already have ZenCache Lite installed, you should receive an update notification from within your WordPress Dashboard (Dashboard → Updates). Otherwise, you can download the latest version and then follow the installation instructions.

Please report bugs and feedback on GitHub. If you are a ZenCache Pro user and require priority support, please open a support ticket here.