This Comet Cache release candidate includes 5 enhancements, 4 bug fixes, 1 change to hooks/filters, improved compatibility with WP-CLI, the Query Monitor plugin, and improved backwards compatibility with old AC Plugins, and a change to the minimum required WordPress version. You can download and try out this release using the link below. Please report bugs and feedback on GitHub.


Comet Cache Lite v160412-RC

Comet Cache Pro v160412-RC (you must be logged into your account at to access this download)

Installation Instructions

  1. Deactivate and Delete any existing Comet Cache plugin via Dashboard → Plugins
  2. Download the release candidate using the link above
  3. Install the release candidate you downloaded by going to Dashboard → Plugins → Add New → Upload and selecting the downloaded zip file
  4. Activate Comet Cache

Changelog for Comet Cache v160412-RC (Release Candidate)

  • Enhancement: Several PHP 5.4+ enhancements, most notably a conversion from PHP Closures to PHP Traits. See Issue #635.
  • Enhancement: Dashboard notices generated by Comet Cache now use the WordPress-style dismiss button to keep things consistent. See Issue #719.
  • Enhancement: Dashboard notices generated by Comet Cache are now compacted into a single notice that can be expanded to view details. This helps reduce the number of messages that appear when, for example, a Post is published or updated and several cache files are automatically cleared. Instead of showing a separate notice for each type of cache file that was cleared, a single notice is shown with a link to toggle the details. See Issue #118.
  • Enhancement (Pro): Improved the way the Auto-Cache Engine figures out the URL scheme (http vs https) that should be used when fetching the XML Sitemap. Instead of forcing http, whatever scheme is configured with the Home URL is now used. See Issue #715.
  • Enhancement (Pro): The Pro Plugin Updater page now includes a "Save All Changes" button at the bottom, allowing you to save changes to the updater configuration without actually running the plugin updater. Props @bridgeport @NoahjChampion @1wdtv. See Issue #681.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a duplicated row of links on the Pro Plugin Updater page. See Issue #696.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where some browsers would report "Failed to parse SourceMap" errors in their console when browsing the Comet Cache Options page. This was related to sourceMappingURL comments in the minified JS/CSS files that were intended for development purposes. Props to @1wdtv for reporting. See #732.
  • Bug Fix (Pro): Fixed a bug related to the Pro Updater where some users who had migrated from ZenCache Pro to Comet Cache Pro were seeing an invalid new version message. Props @renzms @jaswsinc. See Issue #727
  • Bug Fix (Pro): Fixed a bug with the Pro Plugin Updater that resulted in "Unknown error. Please wait 15 minutes and try again." when attempting to update Comet Cache Pro. The issue affected sites on servers running an old version of cURL (< v7.36) and/or an old version of OpenSSL, which made them unable to connect to the Comet Cache Pro update server. The Pro Plugin Updater now attempts to connect to a secondary update server that is more compatible with older versions of cURL and OpenSSL. See Issue #678.
  • Hooks/Filters: Comet Cache now hooks into plugins_loaded instead of after_setup_theme when calling its own setup routine. This improves integration with other plugins that may be expecting the Comet Cache API functions to be available after plugins_loaded. Props to Frank Goossens (@futtta) from Autoptimize for helping with this. See Issue #716.
  • Compatibility: Fixed a compatibility issue for some themes and plugins that were using old AC Plugin code designed to work with Quick Cache. This fix adds some backwards compatibility support for Quick Cache, but note that the first release of Comet Cache dropped support for Quick Cache backwards compatibility in favor of ZenCache backwards compatibility. See Issue #710.
  • Compatibility: Query Monitor. The Query Monitor plugin was reporting false-positive errors indicating that many Comet Cache methods did not exist. This was due to how the Comet Cache codebase was utilizing PHP Closures, which Query Monitor had a hard time handling. The codebase has been refactored to use PHP Traits instead of Closures and now the Query Monitor plugin has no problem recognizing Comet Cache methods. Props to @NoahjChampion for reporting. See Issue #686.
  • Compatibility: WP-CLI. When installing Comet Cache via WP-CLI, Comet Cache is now automatically enabled. There's no need to manually enable Comet Cache from within the plugin options after installing. Props @jaswsinc. See Issue #464.
  • Required WordPress Version is now v4.2. The minimum required WordPress version has been bumped from v4.1 to v4.2. See Issue #706.

Please note that when this version leaves beta and an official release is made, the WordPress Plugin Updater will automatically detect the new version on and ask you to upgrade (applies to Comet Cache Lite). If you're using Comet Cache Pro, please configure the Pro Plugin Updater (Dashboard → Comet Cache → Plugin Updater) so that you are notified when there is a new official release.

Please report bugs and feedback on GitHub.