Comet Cache Pro v161226 was released on December 26th, 2016. This maintenance release fixes an issue with the previous release (v161221) where code added for the new Mobile Mode feature would, in some scenarios, produce a fatal error with the message "Unable to determine UA info directory location" (this occurred even if you weren't using the new Mobile Mode feature). This release resolves that issue.

We strongly recommend that all Comet Cache Pro users upgrade to v161226 immediately.

Lite Users: Mobile Mode is a Pro-only feature, so this maintenance release does not apply to the Lite version. The latest Lite version remains v161221.

Changelog for Comet Cache Pro v161226

  • Bug Fix (Pro): Resolves error Unable to determine UA info directory location when upgrading to latest release. See Issue #862.
  • Bug Fix (Pro): Enhancing compatibility with InfiniteWP, ManageWP, and other remote management tools for WordPress. See Issue #862.
  • Bug Fix (Pro): Incorrect time calculations whenever load average checks are enabled in Comet Cache configuration options. See Issue #853.
  • Cleanup: Removed an old API call that checked for a newer lite version. No longer necessary.

Props to @MarioKnight for his help reporting Issue #862.

Upgrading to the Latest Version

Comet Cache Pro users who have configured the Plugin Updater (WordPress Dashboard → Comet Cache → Plugin Updater) should receive a notification to upgrade on the WordPress Dashboard. If you have not configured the Plugin Updater, you can download the latest version of Comet Cache Pro by logging into your account here.

Please report bugs and feedback on GitHub. If you are a Comet Cache Pro user and require priority support, please open a support ticket here.