This Comet Cache Pro maintenance release candidate includes 3 bug fixes. You can download and try out this release using the link below. Please report bugs and feedback on GitHub.

Comet Cache Pro testers: Don't forget that you can automatically receive Release Candidates by telling the Comet Cache Plugin Updater to check for Release Candidates in Comet Cache → Plugin Options → Update Credentials → Beta Program.


Pro: Comet Cache Pro v161223-RC (you must be logged into your account at to access this download)

Installation Instructions

  1. Deactivate and Delete any existing Comet Cache plugin via Dashboard → Plugins
  2. Download the release candidate using the link above
  3. Install the release candidate you downloaded by going to Dashboard → Plugins → Add New → Upload and selecting the downloaded zip file
  4. Activate Comet Cache

Changelog for Comet Cache Pro v161223-RC (Release Candidate)

  • Bug Fix (Pro): Resolves error Unable to determine UA info directory location when upgrading to latest release. See Issue #862.
  • Bug Fix (Pro): Enhancing compatibility with InfiniteWP, ManageWP, and other remote management tools for WordPress. See Issue #862.
  • Bug Fix (Pro): Incorrect time calculations whenever load average checks are enabled in Comet Cache configuration options. See Issue #853.
  • Cleanup: Removed an old API call that checked for a newer lite version. No longer necessary.

Please note that when this version leaves beta and an official release is made, the WordPress Plugin Updater will automatically detect the new version on and ask you to upgrade. If you're using Comet Cache Pro, please configure the Pro Plugin Updater (Dashboard → Comet Cache → Plugin Updater) so that you are notified when there is a new official release.

Please report bugs and feedback on GitHub.